Manuela Farinosi

Manuela Farinosi

Vice-director of NuMe Lab

Department of Humanities and Cultural Heritage, University of Udine

Manuela Farinosi, PhD in Multimedia Communication, is post-doctoral researcher in the Department of Humanities and Cultural Heritage at the University of Udine, Italy. Her academic interests include social and cultural aspects of digital technologies, participatory media, and sociology of disaster. She teaches courses in Sociology of communication, Theories and techniques of digital media and Economic sociology.

Farinosi, M., Fortunati, L. (2018). Knitting Feminist Politics: Exploring a Yarn-Bombing Performance in a Postdisaster City. Journal of Communication Inquiry, 42(2) [ISSN: 0196-8599]

Farinosi, M., Micalizzi, A. (2016). Geolocating the past: Online memories after an earthquake. In A. Hajek, C. Lohmeier, C. Pentzold (eds.), Memory in a Mediated World. Remembrance and Reconstruction (pp. 90-110). New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan. [ISBN: 9781137470119]

Farinosi, M., Treré, E. (2014). Challenging mainstream media, documenting real life and sharing with the community: An analysis of the motivations for producing citizen journalism in a post-disaster city. Global Media and Communication, 10(1): 73-92. doi:10.1177/1742766513513192 [ISSN: 1742-7665]