Projects 2019-03-13T12:32:24+00:00
  • Progetti finalizzati allo sviluppo delle capacità comunicative di giovani e giovani adulti con disabilità intellettiva e disturbi dello spettro autistico – Project financed by AaS5 (Azienda per l’Assistenza Sanitaria n. 5 “Friuli Occidentale”) (2019-2020). P.I.: Prof. Leopoldina Fortunati
  • Strumenti e metodologie di ricerca innovativi finalizzati allo studio di forme di partecipazione interattiva con i cittadini nel rispetto della LR Toscana n. 65/2014 – Project fundend by the Municipality of Peccioli (2017-2019). P.I.: Prof. Leopoldina Fortunati
  • From saying to doing digitally – Project financed by Fondazione Friuli (2018-2020). P.I.: Prof. Leopoldina Fortunati
  • Sciences and Technologies for Cognitive Disabilities – Project fundend by AaS5 (Azienda per l’Assistenza Sanitaria n. 5 “Friuli Occidentale”) (2016-2018). P.I.: Prof. Leopoldina Fortunati
  • Complex Social Indicators for wellbeing and quality of life: The impact of Multilevel Governance on health and wellbeing. P.I.: Prof. Laura Pagani
  • Wider Impacts and Scenario Evaluation of Autonomous and Connected Transport – Project fundend by COST Action CA16222 (2017-2019). Co-leader of Working Group 1 on Institutional and Regulatory challenges: Federico Costantini
  • Lavorare per (mezzo di) Internet – Project fundend by the Department of Legal Science, University of Udine. P.I.: Prof. Valeria Filì
  • Research on Lifestyle and Credit Model of High School Student Population – Joint research project between Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School and Tencent (Shenzhen) Limited (2016 – 2018). P.I.: WeiMing Ye
  • Research on Social Network and Online Learning Community in MOOC – Social science fund for junior researcher under the Department of Education (2014-2018). Project reference: 14YJC860035. I.: WeiMing Ye
  • PROTIC (Participatory Research and Ownership with Technology, Information and Change) in Bangladesh – Project fundend by Oxfam.  P.I.: Dr. Larry Stillman. Monash University