The Research Laboratory for New Media, NuMe Lab, is directed by the Professor Leopoldina Fortunati and is part of the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics of the University of Udine. The main research areas explored by NuMe are:

  • social consequences of new media
  • forms of political participation both direct and mediated
  • adoption of social media in extra-ordinary and emergency contexts (i.e.: earthquakes, fires)
  • gender studies and digital technologies
  • role of mobile telephony in shaping the daily lives of users
  • mobile society and mobile work
  • changes wrought by digital media on reading and writing modalities
  • use of robotics in educational and domestic environments
  • human-robot interaction
  • legal issues concerning “sharing economy” / “collaborative economy” platforms (i.e.: liability of service providers, user’s rights)
  • theoretical and practical issues in digital forensics, in particular related to international exchange of electronic evidences
  • ethical and legal problems concerning social application of artificial intelligence with specific regard to “smart cars”
  • neuroscience and psychology behind (video)games and new technologies
  • impact of new media on human cognitive biases
  • implementation of gamification, VR and AR on metacognitive and psychoeducational rehabilitative paths in mental health, trough motivation and prevention in problem solving, resilience and social skills
  • theory of composite indicators
  • analysis of social/environmental data
  • models for evaluation of the efficacy and efficiency

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