The Research Laboratory for New Media, NuMe Lab, founded by Professor Leopoldina Fortunati, operates within the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics of the University of Udine.

Main research areas

Our research spans diverse domains, focusing on cutting-edge topics in today’s rapidly evolving landscape:

  • Communication, Information, Media and Networks
  • Social and cultural consequences of digital media use
  • Social studies of technology
  • Digital media use in extra-ordinary contexts
  • Mobile society and mobile work
  • Forms of civic and political participation (direct and mediated)
  • Public engagement
  • Gender studies and digital technologies
  • Social robotics
  • Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI)
  • Cyber-law roboethics
  • Social, legal and ethical aspects of social automation, artificial intelligence and self-driving vehicles
  • Evaluation models of effectiveness and efficiency of social policy programmes
  • Innovative social research methods

At NuMe Lab, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of knowledge in these diverse fields, contributing to a deeper understanding of the evolving relationship between society and technology.