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403, 2019

Automated and autonomous vehicles: technological tests, policy challenges, ethical and legal concerns

by |Marzo 4th, 2019|Categorie: News|

The latest Automated Driving Roadmap released by ERTRAC shows the deployment of automated vehicles throughout a period of a few decades. The gradual deployment of automated vehicles imply that the automated vehicle becomes a social agent, taking decisions to regulate its interactions with other road users and static objects in its environment in a mixed traffic. Some situations will require simple and clear decisions, such as adjusting following distance. However, [...]

1106, 2018

2days international seminar on Social Robotics Research

by |Giugno 11th, 2018|Categorie: News|

On 15thand 16thof May 2018 fifteen students from the University of Erfurt (Germany) were guest of an international seminar, organized by the NuMe Laboratory of the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics, at the Pordenone Polyfunctional Center of the University of Udine. The objective of the two days of work was to deepen the knowledge on a current and evolving theme, the Social Robots, by sharing the [...]

2002, 2018

Evento 28 feb 2018 – Social Media, Tecnologie Digitali e Sicurezza Urbana

by |Febbraio 20th, 2018|Categorie: News|

Il seminario "Social Media, Tecnologie Digitali e Sicurezza Urbana", che si terrà presso il Consorzio Universitario di Pordenone, toccherà molteplici temi riguardanti l'impatto dei social media e delle tecnologie digitali sulla sicurezza delle città. Per maggiori informazioni consultare la locandina in calce.